Filer Township


2022-23 DDA Accomplishments

  • Passed and maintained a balanced budget.
  • Created a Request for Qualifications to seek out a developer for the DDA and Township Board 24 acre site.
  • Ran a Request for Qualifications selection process to attract a developer for the DDA and Township Board 24 acre site.  Geerlings Developer was selected to develop the site.
  • Held joint meetings with the Township Board and Planning Commission to discuss the RFQ and select the developer.
  • Evaluated various incentives to assist the developer in the development of the 24 acre property.
  • Initiated the Light Up Filer competition, a store front decorating competition.
  • Decorated the pine tree at the corner of Merkey and US31 for the holidays.
  • Worked on opportunities to improve walkability within the corridor.

2021-22 DDA Accomplishments

  • Completed the conceptual planning initiative for the 24 acres of Township/ODA owned property called the Hamlet in Filer Township: hosted 5 community engagement meetings. 
  • Convened 5 Develop Filer Ad Hoc Committee meetings that directed the conceptual planning project.
  • Explored payoff scenarios for the sewer loan by seeking advise and counsel for various scenarios with the goal of lessening the financial burden of the sewer loan for future generations. 
  • Conducted a DOA Board strategic planning session. 
  • Completed the Welcome to Filer Sign Project: had the sign installed. 
  • Wrote for a grant to help fund the Filer First competition. 
  • Initiated the Filer First Business Pitch competition: created and executed the competition. 
  • Bought a 4 acre piece of property on US31. The property is a strategic piece of property because it provides direct access to the 20 acre Township owned property directly off US31. 
  • Worked with various entrepreneurs and property owners to connect them in order to fill vacant properties as well as grow entrepreneurship within the Township: food vender, DHHS, senior care. 
  • Created and sent out a Request for Qualifications to seek a developer for the Hamlet in Filer Township project. 
  • Arranged for landscaping for the Welcome to Filer sign. 

2020-21 DOA Accomplishments (The year of the Pandemic!)

  • Rather than cancelling meetings the ODA pivoted and met remotely. 
  • Surveyed businesses to ask if the DOA may be of assistance during the shutdowns and temporary restrictions. 
  • Created a strategy for developing the 20 acre Township owned property. Wrote and issued a Request for Proposal for conceptual planning and development of the property. Selected an architectural/planning firm: Integrated Architecture. 
  • Continued to work on the Welcome to Filer Sign Project. 
  • Evaluated various ways in which to offer business assistance during the Pandemic. 
  • Partnered with the Ramsdell Theatre to host “Live from the Lot’: a live music concert held in the parking lot of the old Kmart building. The concert was structured in a way to ensure it met Covid19 public health protocols. Worked with ODA district businesses to capitalise on the event. 
  • Initiated the Hamlet in Filer Township conceptual planning project. 

DDA Accomplishments

April 1, 2019-April 1, 2020

  • Sponsored the Christmas lights and decorations along US31
    Paid for laterals-connection- to the waste water collection system for businesses.
  • Spear headed, and provided the technical assistance in, the creation of zoning amendment language that amends the Township Zoning Ordinance to allow for residential uses in the district as well as provide for the creation of a mixed-use housing projects.
  • Spear headed the creation of the Develop Filer Ad Hoc Committee which is made up of Planning Commission, Township Board, DDA, residents of the DDA district, who met with the sole purpose to help developers interested in the district. The goal of the Committee is to help stream line the approval process. The priority agenda item is the development of the 20 acre Township owned site located in the heart of the DDA district.
  • Adopted the amended DDA Development Plan & TIF Plan.
    Hosted Robert Gibb’s presentation, which was also a public input opportunity, about the Retail Market Analysis.
  • Spear headed an effort to designate a merchant side walk sale event.
    Offered a $250.00 scholarship for tuition for a one-day management training seminar. The Scholarship was open to any manager or assistant manager in the district.
  • The DDA spear headed Sign Committee decided on a community welcome sign design, locations, and timeline for project completion. The DDA evaluated the bids for the project.
  • Sent out a business survey (during the early weeks of Covid-19) to ask how they were doing and to provide businesses the opportunity to voice their concerns and seek assistance from the DDA.
  • Attended the ICSC- Michigan Idea Exchange & P3 Program which connects retailers with developers and communities to make projects happen.
  • Held a public hearing for the adoption of the amendments made to the Development Plan and TIF Plan.
  • Assisted the County of Manistee in the identification of possible bike, hiking, and snowmobile trail routes throughout the district.
  • Upon learning that the Manistee County Library no longer was obligated to contribute to the DDA TIF capture, the DDA made a presentation to the Library Board about the benefit of a DDA district and how a healthy district contributes to the health of the library system.
  • On a continual basis, once every two month, the DDA spoke personally to businesses owners and/or current managers to engage them in conversation about their business and to ask how the DDA could help them achieve their business

April 1, 2018-April 1, 2019

  • Completed sewer project.
  • Updated website.
  • Updated DDA Development Plan.
  • Conducted a Retail Market Study.
  • Sponsored the Christmas lights and decorations along US31.
  • Expanded the purpose of the DDA by engaging in activities outside of infrastructure development.