Filer Township

Fire Department

Filer Township FiretrucksThe Filer Township Fire Department was established in the late 1960s by a Fire Brigade at one of the local Factories located in the Township. The Department moved to its current site at 2706 Nelson Street in 1971. The Township purchased its first new fire truck, a 1971 Ford F550 with a 750gpm front mount pump.  In 1978 the Department purchased a Dodge power wagon as a brush truck. In 1980 they added a new GMC 1500-gallon tanker. In 1990 the department began a first response unit and purchased a 1990 GMC retro-fitted pickup used as a rescue truck.

In 2002 the Township passed a millage to renovate the station and add an 80 x 100-foot addition to house the much-needed new equipment. In 2003 the new building was finished and a new Spartan / Darley fire engine was delivered. In 2004 we sold the GMC Tanker to a nearby department to make room for a new Freightliner 1800-gallon tanker. In 2007-08, we changed from a Medical First Responder unit to an improved basic non-transporting unit and purchased a new 2007 Ford F350 rescue truck.

The Filer Township Fire Department is made up of 12 very dedicated individuals all-volunteer; we have an approximate 36 square mile coverage area with 2,318 residents as of the 2020 Decennial Census. The department responds to approximately 200 calls each year.