Filer Township

Notice of Public Hearing July 9, 2024


A public hearing has been scheduled for July 9, 2024 at a special meeting of the Charter Township of FilerZoning Board of Appeals beginning at 5:00 pm being held at the Township Hall at 2505 Filer City Road – Manistee, Michigan 49660. The public hearing is for the purpose of reviewing an application requesting certain variances from the Charter Township of Filer zoning ordinance. The requested variances are: 1. Requesting a variance from the requirements of Article 56, Section 31.56.5604, Section A requiring specific building placement in the Filer Town Center No. 1 zoning district fronting US 31 to allow placement of a building outside of the required ‘build-to’ zone; and 2. Requesting variance(s) from the requirements of Article 56, Section 31.56.5601 and 31.56.5604 regulating parking, mobility, and building placement. The property subject to this request is parcel #51-06-113-425-17, also known as 1762 US 31 South – Manistee, Michigan 49660. Written comments will be received concerning this request up until the time of the hearing and may be delivered to: Charter Township of Filer – 2505 Filer City Road – Manistee, Michigan 49660, Attn: ZONING. All comments received will become part of the hearing record. Persons with disabilities who wish to participate in the meeting should contact Clerk Shirley Ball at 231- 723-3138 ext. 4 to make special arrangements. Copies of the Application may be reviewed at the Filer Township Hall during its normal hours of operation.

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